Central Mosque Blackpool & Islamic Community Centre

Prayer Time (Jamaat times can be altered where necessary)
Islamic Community Centre Lytham St. Annes (website)
Please Park your cars correctly and legally!
1st Jumuah: 13:30
2nd Jumuah:15:00

Challenges Facing British Muslims
Mufti Dr yusuf Shabbir from Darul Aloom Blackburn delivered a beautiful speach at Central Mosque in Blackpool about how best to prepare Muslim youth for the challenges they face today and tomorrow.

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Eid al-Fitr 2022 - 2023 celebrate the end of Ramadan

Muslims celebrate Eid Al Fitr by breaking their fasts, as well as wearing new clothes and giving to charity. They also participate in the Eid prayers in their local mosques, where a Khutbah (sermon) is also given.