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Mosque Car Park, Wudu Khana & toilets facilities will remain closed till further notice
Please Park your cars correctly and legally!

Prayers time table 2022
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Friday/Jummah Prayer

1st Jumuah: 12:30
2nd Jumuah:13:15
(**only two Jummah prayers until further notice)
Jamaat times can be altered where necessary

Please refer to MasjidTimetale for updated Jamaat times
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Mosque Madrasa classes will be held online tile further notice


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Central Mosque Blackpool donated some Indian food to feed young people at The Base and The Shelter.

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2022 Prayer Timetable

Blackpool Mosque to become Covid vaccination walk-in centre to boost uptake COVID-19 vaccinations

Blackpool mosque is being set up as a walk-in vaccination site for Friday, July 9th 2021, in a bid to help more people access vaccinations. The mosque is partnering with NHS England to deliver the vaccines and the site is open to anyone in the NHS’s eligible groups.

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Mr Muhammad Jamil, chairman of the Mosque and Imam Mulana Hafiz Ashfiq said the atmosphere has been “positive” and hopes this will encourage more people to get the vaccine. We see this as an important protective step to help preserve human life, which is a core teaching of Islam.

 Mr Jamil said “I think it is important for the people to know that we do not have to this just for ourselves, but to save other people’s lives as well. It will send a strong message to our Muslim brothers and sisters. We are doing this to say a big 'no' to fake news and a big 'yes' to the vaccine," Mr Jamil said.
"Muslim scholars advise us to get the vaccine because the sanctity of life is important in Islam."

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Moulana Ashfaq & volunteers have been a great help & providing local community an opportunity. Great work , Jazakallah khair to all the team especially moulana Ashfaq & organisers.

Important Announcement

Alhamdulillah Central Mosque Blackpool is pleased to announce that Inshallah we will be continue to perform two Jumuah Salah until further notice. We have a capacity of 130 worshippers per Salah. We will be operating a 1st come 1st served system, so please do not be offended if you are turned away once we reach maximum capacity.

Mosque Madrasa classes will be held online


Please note the following extremely important guidelines.
1.If you have any covid symptoms, shielding or looking after vulnerable family members please do not attend.
2. Doors will open 15 minutes before Salah and doors close 15 minutes after Salah
3. Perform Wudhu at home (Wudu and toilet facilities closed)
4. Bring your own prayer mat.
5. Face covering must be worn.
6. Follow guidelines of volunteers.
7. Follow the one way system.
8. Leave straight after Salah patiently following guidance of volunteers.
9. Please do not bring any Children under the age of 12
10. Please ensure safe distance is maintained in ALL areas of the premises

11. Gates will be CLOSED  once capacity is reached

About The Madrassah

Madrassah will be closed till further notice (classes will be online)
The evening  Maktab classes follow a varied and enriched curriculum enabling the children to- not only recite the Quran in a beautiful manner with tajweed, but to embrace an Islamic lifestyle and develop the confidence in their Muslim identity. We place great emphasis on accurate recitation and fluency and the progress of each individual child is monitored and assessed at every stage of their learning. Additional Islamic studies are a strong focus ensuring that Madrasah is enjoyable and educational.

We recognise that learning consists of:
• Acquiring knowledge of Deen

• Understanding ideas and reasonings

• Perfecting skills and confidence

• Developing good attitudes and manners

A community without education is a lost Community

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