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Welcome to Blackpool Islamic Community Centre

Welcome to the Blackpool Islamic Community Centre (BICC). The goal of the Community Centre is to offer classes, seminars, events and activities of interest to Mosque members and the Muslim and non-Muslim community. We have something for everyone. Join us now for an exciting experience!

  • Ideas: Please provide suggestions and ideas on what you would like to have.
  • Teachers: We are looking for instructors who can teach classes. All you have to do contact us! Some ideas of classes we are interested in include:
    • Sports tournaments & fitness etc
    • Cooking Classes
    • Information & Communication Technology classes
    • Marketing, Sales, Self-Help
    • Urdu, English, Arabic, French etc
    • Career planning
    • Anything you can teach and of interest to BICC members
  • Students: Join us for interesting classes - learn, contribute, and build a community
  • Activities: If you are holding activities in and around BICC and want to be listed here, please let us know.

Address: 2 Revoe Street, Blackpool, FY1 5HN Click Here for Map
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